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Vallecitos School Fundraising is Making Our Kids Safer!

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Your donations have allowed Vallecitos School to fix several holes in the class room siding!
The “Why Aren’t Our Children Safe?” article in the December 2016 Chairman’s Letter is already having significant impact. The Fire Foundation has raised and provided the Vallecitos Schools with $14,800, plus the school has raised about $7,000. These funds are being used to fix all ramps to the portable classrooms and bathrooms, as well as some of the more significant holes in the siding of some classrooms which have allowed water to seep in and created mold. This is a good start. However, with the heavy rains this winter, a second portable class room has developed leaks. At a cost of almost $10,000 per roof, fixing the two leaky roofs is our next priority. Following that, the Fire Foundation will seek donations to replace the dangerous, rotted patio cover over the student lunch area.

It is not too late!

Join the effort to make this school safe for students. Give them the chance for a good, safe education.

Whether your donation is $100, $500 or $1,000, when combined with all donors, we can make our children safer!