FireHouse 101
FireHouse 101
The Job

A Day In The Life Of a Firefighter

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A firefighter’s day is packed with activity, whether fighting fires, performing medical aide, working on the fire equipment, or training.

The fire station is the firefighters’ home and daily they must keep the station clean for the next day’s crew. Chores include:

  • Make beds
  • Clean the entire station inside and outside
  • Grocery shopping (firefighters pay for their own food)
  • Cook

Good Morning
Two important things happen at the start of each day.

  • Staffing: Though vacations and days off can be planned for in advance, each day a firefighter cannot report to duty due to illness or family emergency, off duty firefighters need to be contacted to find somebody who can come and work that day to ensure the station is fully manned.
  • Truck and equipment check: All fire trucks and equipment must be thoroughly checked to make sure everything is operating properly. This includes making sure air bottles are full as well as the fire truck’s gas tanks. You can never know if the next fire call might last several days or be miles away.

Training and physical conditioning is a vital part of the daily fire station routine. Some skills are not used too often, so it takes practice to be sure everybody knows what to do and how to use all their equipment. The veterans help instruct the rookies. This training is often done at the station but sometimes at a training center or in conjunction with neighboring fire stations.

Generally evenings are free time, but often spent studying for college courses, in-house training classes or preparing for promotional examinations, as well as reports that are required for all emergency calls and training records.

In Case of Emergency
Whenever an emergency call comes into the station, everybody must immediately cease what they are doing and respond. If food is cooking, the stove must be turned off, even if this means the meal will be spoiled.

Unattended food is one of the most common house fires, how embarrassing if it
happened at a fire station.

The busiest fire stations in the nation and in our larger cities average 15 or more calls per day. That means very little, if any, sleep some nights. One thing is certain, there is no such thing as a routine day, all days and emergencies vary. This is the challenge that firefighters look forward to meeting.