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Command Post: San Diego

A unique look at Fire and Emergency Response in San Diego County: Meet the men and women who keep us safe, and learn more about what you can do to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Prevention & Preparedness

Foundation Helps Provide Computers for Back Country CALFIRE/San Diego Fire Authority Firefighting Rigs

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors accepted $164,500 in grants to help fund installation of 70 mobile data computers on CALFIRE/San Diego County Fire Authority firefighting rigs in San Diego's "backcountry."

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Command Post: San Diego
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National Interagency Fire Center
(National Fire Tracking)
National Incident Information System
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2-1-1 (San Diego)

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Volunteer Firefighter of the Month

Firefighter at Cedar Fire

Do you have passion, compassion, humility and commitment? If yes, then you could be a volunteer firefighter.

  • Passion for serving your community
  • Compassion for those needing your help
  • Serving others and not feeding your ego
  • Commitment of time and energy

Types of Volunteers

There are two types of volunteer firefighters:

  • The community volunteer who lives in or near the fire station and plans to service his/her department for years
  • The reserve firefighter who lives elsewhere; drives to the department to serve, get training and experience with the goal of joining a paid career fire department. There is no better step a paid career position than through being a volunteer firefighter.


What do you do to prepare to be a volunteer firefighter?

  • Take fire science classes
  • Become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
  • Be prepared for a background screening and an interview.

Having a mentor as you start your firefighting career is very helpful. This mentor could be a firefighter you already know or one you meet at your fire station.

What is Expected

Here is what is expected of you at your volunteer fire station.

  • Training one or two days or nights per week
  • Four 24-hour duty days per month at your fire station
  • Be able to respond 7/24 if you are community volunteer or whenever extra personnel are needed to a major fire or other event if you are a reserve firefighter.
  • Enroll in and pass the firefighting academy and become a driver/operator of fire trucks.


To apply to become a volunteer firefighter you can either go to your local volunteer fire station or one that you want to be a member of, or you can email  to receive instructions on submitting an application.

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