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SDG&E Donates $100,000 for GPS Vehicle Locators

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SDG&E donate $100,000 towards vehicle locators

Photo courtesy of K.E. Pack.

The San Diego Regional Fire Foundation and San Diego County Firefighters would like to thank SDG&E for a $100,000 grant that will help rural fire departments purchase GPS Automatic Vehicle Locators (AVL) for their firetrucks. These locators, which look much like laptop computers, will improve dispatch and response times in the rural areas of San Diego County and help save lives and property.

“Over many years, SDG&E has been proud to partner with the County, cities, the Fire Foundation, and other non-profits across San Diego County to meet the challenges of wildfires and natural disasters,” said Steve Davis, President and Chief Operating Officer of SDG&E.

“The addition of AVL to rural fire department vehicles will allow us to track them in real time, dispatch them to emergencies more effectively, and to get people help faster,” said Tony Mecham CAL FIRE/San Diego County Fire Department Chief.

“Wildfires are more frequent and continue to escalate in severity in San Diego County,” said Joan Jones, Fire Foundation Executive Director. “The Fire Foundation is very pleased to partner with SDG&E and many others to provide equipment and training programs that improve our preparedness and response to fires and other disasters.”