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Pokemon Go: Unless Otherwise Proven, Cars, Cliffs, and Robbers are Real

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Pokemon Go Safety RulesIf you’ve tried Pokémon Go, you’ve begun to recognize Poké Stops and Gyms even without your phone. Batches of People will be standing at odd angles around art or a building transfixed by their phones and oblivious to what’s around them. Cars make sudden stops or circle an area, making sure they are in the right spot to catch ‘em all.  The more rare the character, the weirder the position of the group, as if they froze mid-step.

It is a fun game! But as with any game, real world rules apply—unless otherwise proven, cars, cliffs, and robbers are real. You must use your common sense when playing to assure your safety.

Here is a short list of the many, many examples of people who did not use common sense while playing:

Common sense rules for Pokemon

  • Drive like you expect others to be playing Pokemon (watch for sudden swerves, people stepping out in front of you, etc.)
  • Pokemon - they're everywhereDo not walk while using your phone
  • Don’t drive while using your phone
  • Be sensitive to religious and other sensitive sites – While there are avenues available to remove a site as a Poke Stop or Gym, it takes a while.
  • Do not loiter around police stations, fire stations, etc. This can be seen as threatening behavior
  • Don’t enter dangerous areas
  • Be careful of fake apps and cheat tools that draw you into strange areas
  • Be careful of heat stroke
  • Carry a reserve battery for your phone, and if your battery is less than 20%, stop playing so you have your phone in case of emergency
  • Be careful of people who say they want to meet you
  • Protect your personal information – Research your options online.