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Welcome Tony Mecham, CAL FIRE San Diego Unit Chief

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“None of our fire agencies is large enough to handle a major fire or disaster by themselves. We must all work together as a team to keep the residents of San Diego County safe.” 

~ Tony Mecham, Unit Chief CAL FIRE

CAL FIRE's Tony MechamChief Mecham has 27 years of fire and emergency services experience. He has served in San Diego, Sonoma and most recently was Division Chief in Riverside County. Tony brings strong leadership experience to his new role. He said, “I have a deep appreciation and respect for all of the different fire agencies in San Diego County and the role they play in major fires or emergencies.”
Chief Mecham has diverse wildland and municipal experience, including working in the Emergency Command Center and as a Truck Company Captain and Water Rescue Team Leader and Training Chief. He has served for 8 years on a CAL FIRE Incident Management Team as an Operations Section Chief and most recently as an Incident Commander Trainee.

Tony has been involved extensively with the Department’s Training and Education Program serving for the past 8 years on the State Training Committee, Operations Safety, Health and Training Advisory Committee, and as CAL FIRE’s representative to the California State Fire Training Blueprint 2020 Curriculum rewrite project. He holds an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Fire Protection Administration.

Welcome, Tony! We look forward to working with you.