Regional Overview

Boulevard Fire Station a Partnership Between CalFire and SDCFA

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Boulevard Fire StationThe community of Boulevard, just off I-8 at Ribbonwood Road, opened the newest San Diego County fire station. This fire station will improve fire and medical services to the residents of Boulevard and those traveling in the area between Pine Valley and Jacumba on Interstate 8 or Highway 94 between Campo and Jacumba.

The fire station is the result of a partnership between the San Diego County Fire Authority (SDCFA), which will own the station, and CAL FIRE. It will actually be two fire stations in one—a volunteer fire department and a CAL FIRE station.

The benefits of this fire station are:

  • Will for the first time have a paramedic ambulance
  • 7,866 square feet—space for six fire vehicles and 12 firefighters
  • Replacing the old CAL FIRE White Star fire station—an old Air Force support structure in use since 1967
  • Replacing the old volunteer fire station which is need of significant repair.
  • Reduces the cost of improvements and operating costs of two fire stations
  • Improves training and interaction of paid and volunteer firefighters
  • Will produce its own electricity with solar panels recycled from another project
  • Has its own well for station water and holding tanks for water for the fire engines

The cooperative effort of San Diego County and the State of California sets a new model for communities served by multiple fire agencies.