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Oceanside / Camp Pendleton Fire Provides Important Lessons

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Firefighter line blocking fire at Camp Pendleton

LAFD Photo at Camp Pendleton by Harry Garvin

A recent 85 acre wildfire in both Oceanside and on Camp Pendleton provides important lessons on fire safety for the upcoming fire season.

  • There is a high fire threat this season. Though San Diego County had a “wet” winter (more rain than average), that does not result in less of a wildfire threat.  More rain means more and taller grasses as fuel for fires. This recent wildfire and May’s 2,000 acre wildfire in Dulzura demonstrates that those grasses are now dry and that fire season is already upon us.
  • Cooperation between fire departments and the military has improved significantly since the Cedar Fire of 2003, with a fully coordinated effort on this recent fire.
  • Almost all wildfires in San Diego County are caused by human activity (versus caused by nature such as lightning). Though this fire was intentionally set, most human-caused fires are accidental, so we must all be careful when in fire prone areas.
  • Drones once again threatened the safety of firefighters and the community. A private drone was flown over the scene of this fire and air operations had to be suspended for an hour for the safety of the aircraft. That suspension put firefighters on the ground at more or a risk and also increased the threat of the fire spreading into homes. Remind all your friends with drones that it is illegal to operate them at the scene of a fire.
For more information on what to do in case of a wildfire, visit our post on protecting yourself, family, and pets from wildfire.