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San Diego City Officials Want to Share 9-1-1 Dispatch Center with County and State

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San Diego City Council has signaled their interest in developing a single hub to house city, county, state and federal dispatchers. Tenants could include the San Diego County Fire Authority, San Diego Fire-Rescue, Cal Fire and the U.S. Forest Service.

Citygate Associadispatcherstes was contracted to study the 26 year old San Diego Fire-Rescue Department’s emergency communications center and concluded it has exceeded its ability to efficiently and effectively dispatch the more than 200,000 emergency calls every year.

Their recommendation for the most cost and labor efficient solution is to co-locate dispatchers from the city, county and Forest Service in a new, centrally located facility, where they will work alongside one another, maintaining current jurisdictions as opposed to unifying staffing practices and procedures. However officials will discuss the benefits and drawbacks for condensing all dispatches into one cohesive emergency center.

The call time monitor at SD Fire Rescue dispatch center.City officials will bring a proposal to City Council by the end of the year after discussions with other firefighting agencies.

Read the Citygate Report.