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San Diego Spotlight

Showing a spotlight on San Diego’s firefighters, this section will include interviews with local firemen and women, information about larger fires in the county, and other valuable information.

Santana High School Shooting Survivor Curtis Wilson Understands the Urgency of First Response

Curtis Wilson’s determination to never to feel that sense of helplessness again became the inspiration for one man to be there when choices literally mean life or death.

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A Short Synopsis of The May 2014 Fire After Action Report

We have synopsized The County of San Diego’s May 2014 Fire After Action Report. It details the events and regional services performance within the five-day emergency.

(Eight fires in one day!)

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Thank you, Firefighters

Thank you, fire firefighters, both paid and volunteer, and police officers for all your efforts during our County wildfires this week. These May fires are a bad omen for the rest of the fire season which usually peaks in September and October. Stay safe.
~Frank Ault, Chairman

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Sue “Mama Bear” Raimond

With well over 100,000 hours logged since 1986, Sue “Mama Bear” Raimond is not only an Assistant Chief of the Mt. Laguna Volunteer Fire Department, she’s also a world renowned harp player!

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Major Fires in the Region

San Diego has had three of the seven largest fires in California history. Two of those fires happened simultaneously with other large fires in our County, creating major firestorms. We have gathered statistics to demonstrate how large they really were.

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Cedar Fire

The Cedar Fire destroyed more than 270,000 acres. We have created a gallery of photos.

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