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Local Fires

Wildfire at Your Doorstep? 9 Ways Firefighters Have Been Working to Protect You

“It can’t happen here.” That’s what people thought in the 2007 wildfires when Santa Ana winds, blowing in excess of 50 mph, caused 500,000+ to be evacuated, 17 deaths, 372,000 acres to be burned and 2,454 buildings to be destroyed – many within the suburbs. According to a recent San Diego Union Tribune article, firefighters and other emergency services […]

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Cedar Fire Monument Open in Lakeside

Cedar Fire Historic Monument, located next to the Lakeside Fire District headquarters, honors those first responders, victims, and survivors of San Diego’s largest and most deadly fire.

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Worst Fire in American History Basis for Fire Prevention Week

Drawing from Peshtigo Fire courtesy of the Wisconsin Electronic Reader. Two fires started on the same date: October 8, 1871. The best-known of two fires is the Chicago Fire, which killed more than 250 people, left 100,000 homeless, destroyed more than 17,400 structures, and burned 2,000 acres. That was nothing compared to the Peshtigo Fire—by […]

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War and Wildfire: Almost 40 Years on the Front Lines

Applying his military leadership skills through three major disasters, De Luz’s Volunteer Fire Chief Mike Manchor has grown the department from one 40-year-old pickup truck to a fully-equipped, full-time fire station.

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Why do firefighters cut a hole in the roof?

When there is a fire in a building it is often necessary to cut a hole in the roof to ventilate.

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Cocos Fire verdict – A primer for parents

Can some good come out of a 13 year-old being found guilty for setting the Cocos Fire? We suggest that parents use this case to discuss consequences with their children.

Photo Courtesy of Jeff Hall, Action Photography

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NBC Dateline: “Escape the Great California Fire”

The NBC Dateline Escape program focused the nation’s attention on fire safety and preparedness, as well as recognizing how San Diego responded to the Cedar Fire, stayed vibrant and rebuilt itself.

Photo courtesy of K.E. Pack.

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A Short Synopsis of The May 2014 Fire After Action Report

We have synopsized The County of San Diego’s May 2014 Fire After Action Report. It details the events and regional services performance within the five-day emergency.

(Eight fires in one day!)

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Thank you, Firefighters

Thank you, fire firefighters, both paid and volunteer, and police officers for all your efforts during our County wildfires this week. These May fires are a bad omen for the rest of the fire season which usually peaks in September and October. Stay safe.
~Frank Ault, Chairman

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Major Fires in the Region

San Diego has had three of the seven largest fires in California history. Two of those fires happened simultaneously with other large fires in our County, creating major firestorms. We have gathered statistics to demonstrate how large they really were.

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