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Regional Overview

The regional overview contains information about the various fire stations in the county, including dynamic maps of stations and other important regional information.

Climate Change – A Burning Issue

Climate Change + 3 million people = wildfires

People are responsible for 95% of wildfires, but climate change increases the conditions in which wildfires thrive. It takes one spark…

Photo © Jeff Hall

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What is CAL FIRE?

May 2014 San Diego Wildfires

2014 Napa Earthquake

If there is a disaster in California, CAL FIRE will be there. So what is CAL FIRE?

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Welcome Tony Mecham, CAL FIRE San Diego Unit Chief

“None of our fire agencies is large enough to handle a major fire or disaster by themselves. We must all work together as a team to keep the residents of San Diego County safe.”  ~ Tony Mecham, Unit Chief CAL FIRE Chief Mecham has 27 years of fire and emergency services experience. He has served in […]

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A Short Synopsis of The May 2014 Fire After Action Report

We have synopsized The County of San Diego’s May 2014 Fire After Action Report. It details the events and regional services performance within the five-day emergency.

(Eight fires in one day!)

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Fire Stations Near You

Find your nearest Fire Station, recent Fire Maps, and more with our interactive maps.

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