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Prevention & Preparedness

Learn how to protect your home, valuables, family and pets.

Emergency Preparedness Summit Welcomes San Diego County Decision Makers

On May 19, SDG&E joined the Fire Foundation in welcoming more than 120 leaders throughout San Diego County to the San Diego Regional Emergency Preparedness & Fire Summit.

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Vallecitos School Fundraising is Making Our Kids Safer!

Heavy rains this winter have damaged roofs and patio covers at Vallecitos School in Northern San Diego County. The Fire Foundation is seeking donations to help fix these dangers.

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Almost Every Grant We Give Can Save More Than One Life

In 2016 we presented $280,000 in grants to San Diego County fire departments enabling them to obtain fire and medical/rescue equipment and provide training that insures the highest level of service to all San Diego County communities.

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What happens when you call 9-1-1?

“9-1-1, What is Your Emergency?” When you need help, these words are your lifeline. The dispatcher, never seen and rarely thanked, is often your last hope. Where does my call go? When you call 9-1-1, you are sent to your local law-enforcement dispatcher—police, sheriff or California Highway Patrol (CHP). The appropriate agency is determined by […]

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How to Replace Your Fire Alarm

Home fire death statistics are unsettling:

* 38% are on properties without smoke alarms
* 21% have no working smoke alarms

Have you checked your fire alarm recently? Here’s how…

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Washers and Dryers Cause 16,800 Structure Fires Annually

“I smelled gas in the middle of the night, so I called SDG&E. My son and I sat on the porch with the cat and a blanket until they arrived,” Mrs. Connor told us recently. “Not only did we have a small gas leak in the attic, but they said our clothes dryer was a fire waiting to happen!”

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Heart Smart? You’d better be!

Five minutes of your time today could help keep a loved one alive until help arrives. Learn Sidewalk CPR.


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$99,200 Grant Improves County Emergency Preparation

On January 26, we presented a donation of $99,200 to the San Diego County Board of Supervisors to purchase equipment that will improve San Diego’s emergency services capabilities.

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Space Heaters – A Deadly Epidemic?

According to media accounts, at least two home fires in San Diego County were caused by space heaters in January. If you use a space heater, read this.

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Why is this El Ñino so dangerous?

The 1997 El Niño caused 17 deaths and more than a half a billion dollars in damage to California. This year, ocean temperatures are mirroring those of 1997.

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