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Techniques & Tactics

Techniques and Tactics

San Diego’s Best Respond to FEMA’s Call for Help During the Hurricanes

Photos courtesy of San Diego’s CA-TF8. As hurricane Harvey swirled, inundating parts of Texas with more than three feet of rain, and again as Hurricane Irma decimated Florida, FEMA called in their 28 Urban Search and Rescue Task Forces, one of which was San Diego’s Cal Task Force 8 (CA-TF8). After almost two weeks assisting with […]

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Oceanside / Camp Pendleton Fire Provides Important Lessons

A recent 85 acre wildfire in both Oceanside and on Camp Pendleton provides important lessons on fire safety for the upcoming fire season. There is a high fire threat this season. Though San Diego County had a “wet” winter (more rain than average), that does not result in less of a wildfire threat.  More rain […]

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The Nature of a Fire

Often fire is described as a triangle, as it needs all three of the following elements to exist: fuel, oxygen and heat. To extinguish a fire, one of these three elements must be removed. This is where firefighters come into play.

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