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FireHouse 101

Learn about life in the Firehouse, from daily chores to equipment details.

What is CAL FIRE?

May 2014 San Diego Wildfires

2014 Napa Earthquake

If there is a disaster in California, CAL FIRE will be there. So what is CAL FIRE?

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I just received a bomb threat, what do I do?

Remain calm. You can do this.

We have prepared several tips to help if you receive a bomb threat.

Photo by S. Gordon Bram under creative commons

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Welcome Tony Mecham, CAL FIRE San Diego Unit Chief

“None of our fire agencies is large enough to handle a major fire or disaster by themselves. We must all work together as a team to keep the residents of San Diego County safe.”  ~ Tony Mecham, Unit Chief CAL FIRE Chief Mecham has 27 years of fire and emergency services experience. He has served in […]

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Santana High School Shooting Survivor Curtis Wilson Understands the Urgency of First Response

Curtis Wilson’s determination to never to feel that sense of helplessness again became the inspiration for one man to be there when choices literally mean life or death.

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Emergency Responses

The Fire department responds to three different kinds of medical emergencies: fire, medical, and community resource. Each of these is unique in its requirements, and the volunteer firefighters do it all.

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The Nature of a Fire

Often fire is described as a triangle, as it needs all three of the following elements to exist: fuel, oxygen and heat. To extinguish a fire, one of these three elements must be removed. This is where firefighters come into play.

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A Day In The Life Of a Firefighter

A firefighter’s day is packed with activity, whether fighting fires, performing medical aide, working on the fire equipment, or training.

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