The San Diego
Regional Fire Foundation Presents

Command Post: San Diego

A unique look at Fire and Emergency Response in San Diego County: Meet the men and women who keep us safe, and learn more about what you can do to help keep you and your loved ones safe.

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Command Post: San Diego
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How to Replace Your Fire Alarm

Home fire death statistics are unsettling:

* 38% are on properties without smoke alarms
* 21% have no working smoke alarms

Have you checked your fire alarm recently? Here's how...

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Washers and Dryers Cause 16,800 Structure Fires Annually

"I smelled gas in the middle of the night, so I called SDG&E. My son and I sat on the porch with the cat and a blanket until they arrived," Mrs. Connor told us recently. "Not only did we have a small gas leak in the attic, but they said our clothes dryer was a fire waiting to happen!"

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Heroes in Harm's Way

Each year more than 60 career and volunteer firefighters lose their lives on the job–and tens of thousands more are injured.

However better training and emerging technologies are helping reduce the dangers...

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Pokemon Go: Unless Otherwise Proven, Cars, Cliffs, and Robbers are Real

Pokemon Go is a fun game, but as with any game, real world rules apply. We've pulled together 11 common sense rules to keep you safe.
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We Support the Firefighters that Protect You

Who are the heroes risking their lives every day to help automobile accident victims, rescue people trapped in burning buildings or fight monster brush fires? They are San Diego County firefighters. These heroic men and women are both city career firefighters and the more than 400 volunteers that protect the rural 60% of our County--San Diego's “backyard.” With limited tax funding, who helps these firefighters buy new and replacement equipment? It is the San Diego Regional Fire Foundation and it could be you. Find out how you can be the financial lifeline to our firefighters and help save lives, property and the environment. Read more...


Facts & Figures

Did you know...?

Ensuring that our county's fire and emergency response professionals have access to the vital resources they need to do their jobs is our top priority. This can be a critical challenge in our rural areas. Did you know:

  • 60% Total portion of San Diego County considered to be rural, with 400 Volunteer Fire and Medical responders to watch over 2,500 sq. miles of our backyard.
  • $400,000 The average annual fuel expenses for Volunteer departments. Departments are responsible for many of their operational costs, including fuel for fire engines responding to emergencies.
  • 6,000 The annual number of medical calls made by Volunteer departments. Medical and rescue emergencies account for roughly 80% of all responses made by the County's Volunteer Departments.
  • $10,000 The cost of training for paramedics. Volunteer paramedics are financially responsible for their own training and certifications.


Firehouse 101

Emergency Responses

The Fire department responds to three different kinds of emergencies:

  • Fire
  • Medical
  • Community resource

Each of these is unique in its requirements, and the volunteer firefighters do it all. Read More

Your Donation Counts

Help San Diego's Volunteer Heroes

The three largest needs today are:

  • Fuel for the vehicles
  • Thermal Imaging Cameras which can see through smoke to help identify body heat or fire hot spots
  • Training Scholarships—help finance a future hero.
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